We were established to share
our industrial knowledge and
experience with the industry and to serve.

T3 Automation has been founded in 2006 and dedicated to serve to the Professionals of the Industry with an innovative perspective eversince. T3 Automation carries on its activities in its production premises located in Sakarya Turkey. With well educated and experienced Technical staff, technologic infrastructure, Research-Development / Engineering Units, past experiences, long list of references and high percentage satisfactory results – T3 is already counted among the professionals of Automation sector.


T3 Automation’s basic principal is to present cost efficient and qualified goods & services by taking into account the most recent trends and technologies of the Industry in general with a honest visionary approach. It is a non-comprimising tenet in T3 Automation that caring the benefits of all partners, employees, stakeholders and whole humanity beyond its own.


Obtaining the ability of providing solutions and to the Industry in a Global scale and aiming the continiously improvement are the basic motivations of T3 Automation.

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