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Andon Systems

One of the production assisting techniques is andon systems. Andons are known as visual communication tools that inform production information, problems that occur during production, possible problems that may occur. They can be simple or advanced. Advanced systems provide both visual communication and data collection functions and production line stoppage when necessary. The flight boards we see at airports are a good example to understand the subject. It allows passengers to understand at a glance which plane will depart from which gate and at what time and whether there is a delay.

Similarly, the andon boards in the production facilities allow us to see at a glance information such as how much production is made on which line, whether the target production has been reached, and even if there is a malfunction or quality problem, what kind of problem there is. The production operator presses a button to call a maintenance person if the line is stopped, to call a kanban if the material is exhausted, to call the line leader if the production cannot be completed, etc., the event type is displayed on an LCD screen or led sign at the beginning of the line, however, the duration of the relevant event starts to run in the background and as a result.

The type of the problem, the time it started, the duration, the arrival time of the responder to the scene, etc. The data is recorded in the computer environment. Later, these data are analyzed and used in solving chronic problems or increasing productivity.