It can have a simple structure just for error prevention, it can also have a structure that regulates and records the rights and movements of the personnel, calculates the current amount on the shelves and warns when it falls below the limit, calculates and reports the production amount and times, and can be integrated with upper systems such as ERP/MRP.

Main application areas;

  • Correct collection of assembly materials in production and their assembly in the right places or feeding them to the machines and benches correctly.
  • Correct use of production tools such as hand tools, marking paints, measurement control tools in production,
  • Preparing the correct package content according to the order, especially in case there is more than one product in the packages, in the kit and package preparation works in logistics.

The system helps the products not to be mixed, to store them until they reach the specified in-box amount and to ship them when they reach the amount.

Electro-pneumatic mechanism that we designed to prevent the mixing of gases to be pressed into the air conditioners.

The system we designed to prevent the mixing of very similar auto fuses and grommets.

The low-cost Pick To Light solution we designed to ensure operation in accordance with Heijunka principles.

As a result of the project, the trust of the operators in the system was ensured, the error rates decreased and the quality increased.