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Industry 4.0

IoT (Internet of Things) internet of things is the subject we encounter most under the title of Industry 4.0. It has emerged as an inevitable result of developing software, hardware and internet technologies. Software development platforms where applications that work independently of operating systems are developed, mobility, gps (global positioning system), indoor location systems, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence and deep learning, MQTT, etc. Communication protocols connecting cloud services, wireless sensor networks, embedded system technologies are the cornerstones of IoT. IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) is the industrialized version of IoT technologies.

Node Red visual programming tool.

MQTT, which enables direct data exchange among themselves, with a higher level and with cloud services, and hardware that enables connection to the internet such as PLCs, remote IOs, digital controllers, measuring instruments, robot operating systems, ethernet port on them, wi fi module produced today. They offer SQL services as standard.

Siemens IoT 2000 series

For example, in a new generation PLC, IoT requirements such as joining a network wired or wirelessly, connecting to a SQL database, querying, saving data, deleting data and terminating the connection are offered as standard with the Ethernet port on it. On the basis of leading automation product manufacturers, it produces IoT devices with raspberry or similar embedded computers or open controller PLCs working with IoT operating systems. Thus, today, we can connect a machine to the internet without any other servers, software, platforms, etc., via GSM or traditional wired methods, integrate it with cloud services, and provide two-way data exchange.