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Poka Yoke Systems

People are prone to make mistakes due to human reasons such as habits, forgetfulness and carelessness, insufficient experience. For these reasons, it is seen that the amount of defective products increases especially in places where it is necessary to do the production by human hands. Most of the time, these mistakes cause great burdens for businesses, so businesses apply various methods to minimize production errors. Traditional methods are based on checking the product after it is completed, which means complex quality control processes, scrapping the faulty product or expensive repair costs, not to mention the fact that the faults escaped the attention of the quality control unit and the faulty product reached the customer. Poka Yoke is one of the lean manufacturing techniques used to prevent errors during production and to ensure zero errors in production. Since the occurrence of errors is prevented during production quality control processes are simplified, and scrap and repair waste are reduced. Since it minimizes human initiative, human dependency is reduced, personnel training and adaptation times are shortened, faulty product delivery rates are reduced, it eliminates the need to read complex assembly instructions and accelerates production. Automation-based poka yoke systems not only prevent errors, but also record and report some useful data, for example:

  • Data on the type, amount, and periods of errors made.
  • Production cycle times and personnel productivity data.
  • Material quantities and critical stock alerts in the production area.

As T3 Automation, we offer pick to light systems, lidded product collection systems, electro-mechanical devices, apparatus, etc. Poka yoke solutions with more than ten years of experience. For more information, please see the links below with sample applications.

Example Applications

Sensörlü  ürün toplama (Pick to Light) sistemleri

Sensored Pick to Light Systems


Pick to Light Systems with Cover


Apparatus, Equipment Manufacturing


Electro Mechanical Poka Yoke