Nursan Pick To Light

  • 3 separate shelving systems
  • 150 optical pick to light sensors
  • Remote input / output modules with Mod Bus TCP interface.
  • T3 Light; Special pick to light software integrated into company server.
  • Turnkey project including assembly, wiring, commissioning.

The project was carried out in order to prevent errors that may arise during the preparation of cable groups during production.

In the project, software, work order etc. developed by T3. provided the information through integration to the company server. Another feature of the software is the fast response times obtained from the sensors without any external logic processor (PLC).

Project result;

With the common materials on the shelf, it has been possible to produce products with hundreds of different references without any errors.

Since it is possible to use common materials, the need to open separate workstations for different products is eliminated.

Time saving is achieved by eliminating instructions or schematic reading.

The need for qualified personnel has decreased.

Training and orientation periods have been shortened.