Etibakır Cerattepe Copper Mine Underground Automation

  • 16 Long Distance RfId readers.
  • RS485 communication between RfId reader and PLCs
  • Profibus communication between 7 PLCs and PLCs.
  • WiinCC V14 SCADA
  • Ethernet communication over long distance copper cable between SCADA and PLCs.
  • 12 fixed gas detectors, 2 measuring points.
  • 10 traffic signaling points.
  • 5 high-power ventilation fans.
  • Airflow velocity measurement at 2 points
  • 1 compressed air compressor.
  • 1 hydraulically driven ventilation door.
  • 1 Piece Stench gas warning system.

The project has become a complete underground mining operation solution including stench gas (warning system) automation, monitoring and recording of harmful gases, traffic signaling management with RfId reader, automation of underground ventilation fans and ventilation doors.

The long distance Ethernet communication method over copper cable, which has much lower purchasing and maintenance costs, was chosen because of the high probability of breaking the fiber optics of the underground working machines.

The RfId reader was used both to detect a vehicle approaching the signaling point and to find the location where an underground vehicle was last seen.

As a result of the project;

As a result of less maneuvering of underground passenger vehicles and work machines, the risk of accident and braking system etc. Mechanical failures are reduced.
The loss of time that occurs when vehicles give way to each other has been prevented and production has accelerated.
Since the underground locations of the vehicles are known, the vehicle management and administration has become easier.

Occupational safety and comfort level increased by monitoring dangerous gases,
After the explosions with dynamite, the waiting times of the personnel to go underground have been shortened.
Energy savings were achieved by using the underground fan and ventilation doors more effectively.