Yılmaz Gearbox Assembly and Paint Shop Lines

  • 180 pcs drivers
  • ModBus Communication with Drivers.
  • 4 PLC and MCC panels.
  • 10 HMIs
  • Yılmaz Reduktor’s own brand PLC and Drivers.

The project was carried out with the aim of safely transporting the final products coming out of the workstations to the oil filling, quality control stations and from there to the paint shop, respectively, on pallets.

In the project, the main contractor of which is Optimak STU, all electrification, automation, programming and commissioning works were carried out by T3. The project was completed in two phases, the assembly line and the paint shop.

In the project, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, conveyor shuttles and rotary conveyor shuttles were controlled by Yılmaz Reduktor’s own brand PLC and drivers.

As a result of the project, the transportation work, which was previously done with forklifts, was done with conveyors, providing benefits in terms of both time and work safety.